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About the Project

The City of Redmond is launching Redmond 2040, a city-wide effort to update the Comprehensive Plan. During this process, the City will work with community members to identify what makes Redmond unique, what is important to protect for the future, and what Redmond should look like in 2040. This Vision will guide the Comprehensive Plan will expand upon the Vision with a set of goals, policies, and implementation measures that guide future growth and development.

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The Redmond Comprehensive Plan directs all activities related to land use and the future of natural and man-made systems and services in Redmond. City leaders use the Plan to manage expected population and employment growth, coordinate public investments and make decisions about new development, existing neighborhoods, transportation, and a variety of other topics.

As the agricultural heart of Central Oregon, Redmond’s urban form and function is a deep reflection of its farmland and manufacturing industries. While known for its rural character, Redmond has experienced pronounced growth and development since the last update to its Comprehensive Plan nearly 20 years ago. Today, Redmond has become a mid-sized community of 30,000 with an annual growth rate of approximately 2.4%. By the year 2040, Redmond’s population is expected to grow to over 40,000 residents. The challenge – and opportunity – is to create strategies that respond to this rapid regional growth while preserving and improving assets like Redmond’s thriving agriculture and industrial businesses, distinct neighborhood identities, unparalleled access to nature and outdoor recreation, and important public spaces like the Dry Canyon and other civic amenities.

Project Timeline

Redmond 2040 is a 12-14 month process. The following schedule highlights key tasks and activities.